10 Free Ways to Run a Reverse Email Lookup

At one point or another, you might be afraid of falling into the trap of the fake people or the fake companies. These are the times when a reverse email search can help. You can check the credibility of the company before sending them your CV and personal details.

Besides, you can also meet your lost friends and family members with the help of a finder service. Here, we will detail four reverse email search services and their alternative methods.

Part 1: What is a reverse email search?

Free Reverse Email Lookup is a source to find authentic information about people’s backgrounds and identities through their email addresses. This service is useful if someone is trying to find someone, but all it has is the person’s email address. This will help find stalkers, fraudulent accounts, and fraudulent business organizations.

With an email address search, you can find phone numbers, social media accounts, and general information about people. Search services tend to be very eye-catching due to their strong links to databases and public search engines.

Part 2: 10 Effective Ways To Perform Free Reverse Email Lookup

Some effective platforms help find someone by their email address. Here we will recognize the four most legitimate search apps for identity recovery purposes.

2.1 RealPeopleSearch

One of the best approaches you can use to perform a free reverse email lookup is to Search for real people. This tool makes it extremely easy and efficient to find detailed information about a user with just their email. RealPeopleSearch is useful when someone approaches you indirectly.

RealPeopleSearch maintains a very accurate and authentic system of providing information. It helps users to know the authenticity of an email, whether it is a real or fake email address. RealPeopleSearch examines several public and private web sources that help users review all potential matches.

Finding emails can be a very lengthy process. RealPeopleSearch makes this a flawless process by finding the email in a very short period of time. The platform ensures that users get updated and up to date results. RealPeopleSearch databases are updated on time and are notified to users via email notifications.

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2.2 Truth

Truth Seeker reveals tons of information and data about any person through their email address. You can protect yourself against scams with fake email addresses. It’s always best to do an email research before you trust someone online.

10 Free Ways to Run a Reverse Email Lookup

Therefore, TruthFinder provides an easy way to find factual information about a person through their email address. With TruthFinder, you can access your target person’s work history as well as their financial loans. The positive point of this application is its availability on Android and iOS software.

Free reverse email lookup can get data including their full identity, aliases, location, and alternate phone numbers. If the target person has registered their business to their phone number, their contact details will also be visible to you. TruthFinder shows the reality of bogus business organizations and free all their scam websites.

TruthFinder official website:https://www.truthfinder.com/

2.3 Instant checkmate and checkmate

Instant checkmate is a reverse email search that finds personal information of people using their email addresses. With Instant Checkmate, you can confirm the identity of the owner of any mail before sending them important data or credentials. Email address searches are essential in today’s life because they can save people a variety of inconveniences.

10 Free Ways to Run a Reverse Email Lookup

You can find out the work history and location history of your target person. The service checks the state’s public records and informs if the person has a false business history. Additionally, social media profiles can feature a lot of important information, ranging from their real photos to their educational institutions.

Instant Checkmate offers total security to users and respects their privacy. The app is secure and transfers data with 256-bit encryption. However, there are several pop-up windows when running a search service and the website may crash at any time.

2.4 Hunter.io

Hunter.io is another option for accessing information through someone’s email address. It is known to be one of the most powerful email search services. Hunter.io provides convenient results for its users while also offering other services such as domain search, email search, author search and email verification tools, Hunter.io offers practical results for its users.

The platform is known to provide credible and accurate email address deliverability. With its free plan, users can retrieve somebody’s basic information using its powerful algorithm on over 67 million domains.

2.5 Google search

Finding someone on Google through their email address is the fastest and easiest approach. People mostly fill out online forms and job letters on Google and also provide their personal information on online portals. The first approach is to enter their email address and search for the relevant profile in the results profiles.

Another way is to type in their email address and add quotes (“) at the beginning and end of the email address. This makes the search accurate and will disclose all pages containing the email address. specific mail.

2.6 Social media platforms

Social media is a basic need of today’s generation. Thus, any professional or non-professional person must be present on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. People add lots of details to their social media accounts, including their city, education, place of work, date of birth, and family members.

Once you have identified their social accounts using the email address, all the necessary information will be displayed to you.

2.7 ResearchPeopleFree

SearchPeopleFree is a well-known email address finder service that helps you find your target person by entering their name in the search bar. It is extremely useful if you are trying to find the real identity of people. The app finds the real and full name of the target person. Additionally, his phone numbers and social media accounts were also revealed.

SearchPeopleFree also reveals the person’s home address as well as old home addresses. Your target’s photos and videos are also recovered so that you can put a face on the unknown sender of the email.

SearchPeopleFree’s strong interconnection with database directories and public search engines allows the oldest records of people to be discovered with absolute accuracy. SearchPeopleFree respects the privacy of users. Therefore, no data is tracked or recorded on its online servers.

2.8 Spoken

Users who are looking for authentic sources can certainly work with Spokeo. This email search service has been in the market for about 14 years, making it very promising. While being accredited by multiple companies and platforms, Spokeo offers unique and authentic information with every search. While it is important to purchase subscription plans for Spokeo, it is a good long-term investment.

While maintaining a very strict policy on providing information, Spokeo returns a specific amount to its users for each search. The data is collected from 60 different sources making it a very efficient option for email research. You can also search people online with Spokeo.

2.9 TruePeopleSearch

Free email search tools are relatively promoted compared to other tools. TruePeopleSearch is a creation of seasoned developers, who understand the “no catches, no fees” policy. It is extremely easy to search for an email address through TruePeopleSearch. People can consume the services of the platform without logging into an account.

TruePeopleSearch keeps a fair amount of records in its database. As the data is accessible with such ease, it is visible to everyone who uses its service. If you come with the intention of finding accurate and simpler results, you can definitely try TruePeopleSearch to cover all the issues.

2.10 Domain Lookup for Reverse Email Lookup

Another approach is to search for the domain name of the email address. The email domain name comes after the @ connection in an email address. If a person uses personal email, their domain names can be yahoo.com, outlook.com, or gmail.com. However, anyone affiliated with a business will have a domain name that includes their business name.

You can get a lot of information about the sender of the email by searching for them with their company’s domain name. However, this is only effective if the target person uses their company’s email ID rather than their personal ID.

Part 3: What Can I Get From Email Search?

An email search can return a very comprehensive set of information to users. Users can get a wide range of information through proper email search. If you plan to search for an email on a suitable platform, you will get the following information:

  • Owner’s contact details: A detailed email search will give users all of the basic information associated with the email.
  • Social profile outlook: Users can get their hands on all social media accounts, social and online activities that the individual is a part of.
  • Compromised data: An email search can help users determine if the email they are looking for is violated. If the password has been changed or hacked, it provides users with the result.
  • Web activities: All Internet activities are provided in the results.
  • Other important details: A comprehensive email search provides users with several details such as phone numbers, home and business addresses.


The article gave detailed information on Gmail reverse email lookup including RealPeopleSearch, Intelius, TruthFinder, and Instant checkmate. These reverse email lookup services present important information about people by acquiring their email addresses.

The article later defines the terms that make any email search a credible and legal source of information. We also talked about alternative methods of finding someone by their email address. Anyone reading the article will be given real information and advice.

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