ABC would have found its Bachelor Season 27 Leading Man

Zach Shallcrosswill you accept this rose?

ABC’s upcoming 27th season The single person focused on Zach to be its main man, according to Variety.

Zach was a contestant on season 19 of the bachelorettewhich is currently airing and features Gaby Windey and Rachel Rechia as first co-Bachelorettes in franchise history.

During the first part of the two parts Bachelorette finale on September 13, Zach left Mexico after breaking up with Rachel, who he got engaged to earlier in the season.

After spending the night with Rachel in the fantasy suites, he felt something change between them. And, before the rose ceremony could begin, Zach pulled Rachel aside and said, “I really loved you. I saw a future with you. But I have to go.”

Zach is a 25-year-old tech executive from Anaheim, Calif., according to ABC, who “doesn’t like breakfast” and is a “master of Superior gun High five.”

According to Variety, many other contestants were considered next. Bachelorincluding Nate Mitchellalso from the current season of the bachelorette.

Nate, who had pledged to Gabby, said an emotional goodbye to the Bachelorette on a trip to Amsterdam after admitting she wasn’t ready to be a mother to her 6-year-old daughter in the House.

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