Bend Man develops character assessment tool for the benefit of job seekers and employers

(Update: added video, comments from the creator)

“The workforce has become so data driven that there is a loss of understanding of who human is,” notes Jensen.

BEND, Ore (KTVZ) – Josh Jensen is a Bend resident who created a character assessment tool to basically find a diamond in the rough in the job search.

The tool is called CharacterID and is intended to match job seekers with the right employers.

Jensen has spent approximately 17 years hiring, recruiting and training individuals and teams in a variety of businesses including financial services and retail. In doing so, he would massively use virtual platforms to find his customers. It was then that he recognized the major problem with online recruiting sites.

“I was using these keyword search filters like the ZipRecruiters and Indeeds of the world and it was frustrating! Jensen said Thursday. “If I scheduled 10 internet interviews, on average, half of them wouldn’t show up or cancel at the last minute. The other half that did show up, quite honestly, sometimes I wish they hadn’t. because they didn’t seem to match what their resume suggested. “

Years later, after being negatively impacted by Hurricane Mariah while he and his family lived in Puerto Rico, Jensen found himself on the opposite end of the online job search when he returned to the States. -United. He sent his resume to several employers, only to receive continued refusals. After his 73rd automated rejection email stating that his resume was inadequate for a job he wasn’t qualified for, he knew something had to change.

“All those years as a hiring manager, helping run companies, looking for talent, looking for great people, what I haven’t really understood is that the people at the other side of the equation are equally frustrated with the way employers filter, ”Jensen said.

He started developing CharacterID three years ago to cross-examine the main character traits of people with core business values.

“We measure and score 18 different character attributes, and they have the ability to show their top six strengths to potential employers using our resume generator,” Jensen said. “On the employer side, this gives employers the ability to specifically search and filter potential employees based on character attributes that more closely match the culture they are trying to create.

Some of the qualities included in the list of 18 are: integrity, courage, situational awareness, and emotional maturity. CharacterID is a peer assessment platform where a candidate chooses people to assess their qualities. The more people rate a candidate’s character, the higher their CharacterID score and the more specific a candidate’s key attributes.

Jensen said the assessment only takes two minutes. Currently, he and his team are ready to test it.

“Right now we’re in the MVP stage, we’re doing beta testing,” Jensen said. “We are currently looking for potential strategic partners, potential seed funding to really take us to the next level.”

Jensen points out that “the workforce has become so data driven that there is a loss of understanding of who human is, what ultimately matters.” With CharacterID, he said. it bridges the gap between using technology and getting a true picture of who the candidates are.

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