Broker on loan: how to find customers?

People call on a loan broker when they have a big project in sight such as building a house, buying a car or whatever. The broker’s mission is to find the ideal loan for his client. He is like an intermediary between the client and the bank or the financial institution. But, customers do not come every day to the broker’s door. So how do you make yourself known and find customers?

The importance of prospecting

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Do not wait for customers to come to you. Go get them through a BtoB or BtoC prospection. Brokers offer their services to both individuals and professionals. They accompany them in their fundraising projects. The loan broker is often in partnership with banking organizations to be able to offer diverse and equally interesting solutions to his clients.

The loan broker establishes a comparison with which customers can see for themselves the different loan offers on the market. It also offers tailor-made support to find a suitable bank and offer, to negotiate or renegotiate a loan and to calculate the application fees, monthly payments and insurance costs related to the client’s loan.

Many people do not know how difficult these various steps are. As a broker, you can prospect to potential consumers by advancing the various benefits of your support. You can do the prospecting yourself by making phone calls or entrusting it to experts. The approach and the arguments must be more than convincing not to make prospects skeptical.


The interest of creating a website

The interest of creating a website

Instead of forcing the hand to the prospects, you can let them come to you thanks to another strategy: the website. So, create an ergonomic and dynamic site that will convince Internet users about the importance of using the services of a broker to get the best credit.

Then, you must convince them at the same time that you are the broker they need to accompany them in their project. To do this, you need to organize your site so that the navigation is done in a more natural way. Internet users must be able to easily access the different sections of your site: news on bank loans, details on the services you offer and contact via several channels.

You can make available a form, a box to be reminded and contact information to contact you when they wish. Feel free to create a FAQ section or frequently asked questions to encourage the exchange between you and your potential customers or consumers between them.

All of this can encourage visitors to buy your services. You can also do better by offering a responsive site available on mobile. To have a site that meets all these requirements, do not hesitate to entrust the creation of your website to Finally, increase your presence on the web through social networks and blogs and drive users on your site through net linking.

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