Ferrari to dismantle failed Leclerc engine in search of DNF response

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto has revealed Charles Leclerc’s failing power unit will be “dismantled” at Maranello in a search for answers after the Spanish Grand Prix.

The Monegasque was in command of the 66-lap event after reigning F1 champion Max Verstappen slid off the track at turn four and into the gravel on lap nine.

But Leclerc pulled out of the race just before halfway after his F1-75 suddenly lost power, with a roar on deceleration hinting at a turbo failure that helped Verstappen win the race. victory and the lead in the championship.

Asked if there was any indication of what was wrong, Binotto told Sky Sports F1: “No, not yet. It was a sudden power unit problem and a serious problem. of reliability.

“The power unit will return to Maranello and tomorrow morning we will dismantle it. In the end, we have to remain optimistic. It has been a positive weekend overall.

“We made improvements, the car was quick, we got a fantastic pole and the race pace was excellent. After a few races where we struggled in terms of tire degradation, today at least proved that we were fast enough.”

Binotto warns Mercedes

Mercedes clinched another podium thanks to George Russell after the Briton battled it out with both Red Bulls, with the Silver Arrows’ improvements at least putting the team in the mix with the top two in the standings.

Giving his opinion on the measures taken by the Brackley-based team, Binotto said: “Thinking of them first, congratulations, they have recovered and improved the speed of their car.

“They were seven tenths off the pace here on a qualifying lap, which is always a short circuit but today, 30 seconds or more behind the Red Bull, it might have taken Charles 40 seconds.

“Forty seconds in 66 laps is six or seven tenths per lap and that’s still important, like Ferrari last year.”

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