Finance your next loan via the interest base

The interest base can help you with purchases of up to 300,000 without payment. No security is required and money is paid within 24 hours upon acceptance. Paying money can be in connection with the purchase of car, boat, motorcycle, accommodation, or just for clean consumption as private.

It is not based on what you have to buy or how you want to spend the money, in other words, no demands are made on what you want to buy for your loan, nor is there any requirement for security for the loan, therefore financing via the interest base A huge advantage for those who do not have the opportunity to provide a permanent home or car as a security to get a fast cheap loan.


What can apply for funding?


Car, boat and MC

This is what the interest base mostly helps in getting financed. However, this does not mean that it is only these things that you can use us for. If you need any other product, we can also be used. The interest base will never ask for security in your new boat, car or motorcycle, and we will also require no documentation on the purchase.

MC: Since virtually all motorcycles cost less than 300,000, – you will be able to get the full amount via the interest base.

Car: The same applies to cars, although there are some that cost far above. In that case, you can use a loan from us as a payout on a larger amount and obtain financing that way.

Boat: Even the smallest boats cost much more than what the interest base can help with. However, we can help you with a payout of up to 300,000 for your new boat.


Good reasons for financing a purchase

Good reasons for financing

There can be many good reasons, and each person can have his own. However, there are a few that are the same for everyone by using the interest rate base.

  • Quick access to money
  • Easy application
  • Possibility to use loans as a payment
  • More offers on the same loan
  • low approval requirements make it easy for you to get the loan approved.

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