Google search results redirected to AliExpress Problem Under Investigation

Many Google search users suffer from annoying spam problem related to AliExpress pages.

According to several user reports, Google search results are full of bogus pages that redirect to AliExpress when opened.

Google search results redirecting to AliExpress problem

Reports state that for many users the majority of Google search results are bogus websites that aim to redirect the user to the Chinese e-commerce platform (1, 2).

Hi. I found that 99% of search results redirect me to AliExpress. They are all bogus online stores.
by searching for “cnc darbarÄ«ki urbji” from the .lv domains. Almost all search results take me to a fake and possibly generated online store that instantly redirects me to the AliExpress product. This makes the search results pretty much useless as it continues for pages. Someone has generated a lot of websites that claim to sell products, but when the user goes to that website, they redirect them to AliExpress and get commission for it. This is massive SEO abuse and something needs to be done about it. Hopefully he gets noticed.

An alleged abuse in referencing would be the cause

The problem appears to be caused by abuse in the Google Search SEO system. And, users suspect that the bogus pages would be auto-generated by bots for redirect to Aliexpress.

Hi, if i search in my language (slovak) for words like “dsi I2C dotykový” many results are slovak domain pages redirecting to aliexpress, like – jitrade * sk, avenue-restaurant * sk, java-servis * sk , maringota * sk, leria * sk, falkoms * sk. But, from the registered domain name, it is obvious that these pages are not eshop. So my question is, why isn’t “G” filtering the redirect results, or why didn’t Bing show these bogus online stores?
Thank you.

The fake pages would present an obvious translation of very poor quality. This therefore reinforces the suspicion that these are pages generated automatically by robots.

The same thing happens in the Slovenian search results. It is polluted by aliexpress (and other) redirect links, on domains that were registered in Slovenia, but whose content is generated by a bot, using Google transalte (this is a very bad translation), but obviously good content so that Google’s algorithms don’t detect spam content. And that makes Google search results almost unusable.

Google should come up with a solution, as it’s been happening for almost 6 months now.

Google has known since August, but the problem persists

It should be noted that the problem has escalated at Google since August. But, reports continue to emerge to this day, and there is no ETA for a fix.


Thus, it is not known if the solution will come soon, as the spam problem dates back several weeks.

In the coming days, if there are any new developments in this regard, we will update this article. So stay tuned with us.

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