Hexnode Partners with Keeper Security to Strengthen Cybersecurity Software

Hexnode, a unified endpoint management solution, has announced a partnership with cybersecurity software provider Keeper Security, to help enterprises strengthen their approach to password management.

Phishing and social engineering attacks are rooted in a single hacker requirement: credentials. Companies run applications that require a unique combination of users and passwords. Memorizing them all is out of the question. Keeper Security encrypts private information locally on the device and encourages the storage of passwords, files, or any other type of confidential information.

Cybersecurity Features

While Keeper ensures password compliance and makes it easier to share passwords across teams, it also monitors the dark web for breaches and quickly alerts admins.

Thanks to this integration, the mass installation of applications on all company devices is possible. Additionally, app updates, restrictions, and configurations can be pushed all at once. Remote actions could be pushed and device compliance could be ensured in any device or operating system, according to a press release.

“While Keeper Security has been used by enterprises for over a decade to ensure the authenticity of passwords, Hexnode takes the game to the next level. Hexnode offers a wide range of cybersecurity features from mass deployment to configuration and app restriction,” said Sahad M, CTO of Hexnode.

While Hexnode helps businesses manage their devices, Keeper will act as the first line of defense against identity theft. Endpoints are gateways to a company’s data, and if not secured with the right measure, they can wreak havoc. Adopting strong username and password combinations is the best way to ensure that an organization’s assets are not compromised. Hexnode’s integration with Keeper Security will help companies ensure security across all aspects of their corporate infrastructure, whether endpoint, cloud or network.

Published on

May 18, 2022

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