Personal credit for salaried employees

For those who work in private companies and with a formal contract, many companies offer exclusive conditions when applying for a personal loan.

Although rates are considered high, this alternative is, for the most part, even cheaper than the overdraft, not to mention the release of credit that is usually quite fast.

If you are a salaried person, you can get a personal credit simply and quickly.

How does a personal loan for salaried employees work?

 How does personal loan for salaried employees work?

Because there are many modes on the market , it is important that you compare as many proposals as possible.

A simple simulation may be enough for you to get a sense of the differences between the values ​​of one company to another.

You can compare and find companies easily and quickly using the Low-Interest platform, where you can find the best loan options for you, click here.

As for the rates and deadlines for payment, nothing changes. Being salaried does not imply benefits when it comes to interest and dates to repay the installments of the loan. But the approval of the value will be much easier proving the work record.

Companies offering personal loans

 Companies offering personal loans

The offer of companies offering this service is quite large. So get to know a few and see which one fits your profile and needs best:

Here the whole process is done online. To make the request in the amount of up to R $ 3,000.00, it is enough to be over 18 years old, have e-mail and telephone and a bank account.

Do you know how much you need? Then go to the website and apply for your loan, your request will be reviewed and the money will be in your account in a few hours if your application is approved!

The minimum payment term to repay your loan is 3 months and a maximum of 12 months, with interest being around 15.7% per month.

This is another great option for anyone looking for a personal loan. After a brief simulation and answer some questions, your credit is deposited into your account within one business day if it is approved.

You can still consult and monitor your entire process through the company’s application, plus increase your credit limit and have access to lower interest rates if you keep your installments up to date!


This is a company that works with a secured loan, the famous financing. It works as follows: you use a property, which can be a property or a car, as a way to guarantee the payment of your credit.

Thus, you get out of the red with one of the lowest interest rates in the market: 1.15% per month.

What does it take to apply for a personal loan for a salaried person?

 What does it take to apply for a personal loan for a salaried person?

In most cases, there are so many requirements. It only takes:

  • Be over 18 years of age;
  • Have CPF active;
  • Have an account at the bank where you will apply for the credit.

I am a salaried worker, but I am negative, can I apply for a loan?

 I am a salaried worker, but I am a negative, can I apply for a loan?

Yes! Many companies offer personal loans even for those with the dirty name.

However, the analysis for the release of credit can be much more stringent as the company understands that people who are already in debt may not account for the payments more easily.

But as a salaried person, companies understand that with proof of income, you have a greater guarantee of paying the installments than a person who does not work. So stay calm, you’ll probably be able to apply for your credit without much paperwork.

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