Search continues for missing family of four

The Marokopa Beach Search Base to search for Thomas Phillips and his children will be closed today, but police say their job is far from over.

Search leaders, police and members of the local community discussed the search plans this afternoon.

Some researchers went out by boat over the estuary around Marokopa beach.

Police said new teams are arriving today to refresh existing teams and include police personnel working with drones.

“While the current Marokopa Hall research base will be closed today, research efforts are not over.

“The police remain committed to providing answers to the family and the community, and work will continue to do so.”

Phillips and his three young children, Jayda Jin, 8, Maverick Callum-Phillips, 6, and Ember Phillips, 5, were last seen on Saturday September 11 in Marokopa, west of Te Kuiti.

Her abandoned ute was found in the waves at Kiritehere beach the next day.

It’s now the ninth day of searching the rugged King Country coastline for Phillips and his children.

The weather is pleasant and sunny, with clouds in the distance.

Earlier this week, police called for any sightings of a motorcycle owned by Phillips – a 2019 Honda CRF50.

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