Sinch launches its AskFrank Q&A search engine to improve chatbots and knowledge base

Sinch AB

AskFrank integrates with any company’s chatbot, contact center, website or knowledge base using AI to provide quick and easy answers to customer questions

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – September 13, 2022 – Sinch AB (publ), a global leader in cloud communications and mobile customer engagement, today announced the launch of AskFrank, its intelligent AI-powered search engine. AskFrank integrates with a company’s existing customer engagement chatbots, contact center, website, or knowledge base. By using AI to search for content, it adds value to chatbots as an extension that provides answers to questions that are not available in a chatbot’s database by expanding its access to information.

Named AskFrank because the answers it gives are frank, direct and honest; it doesn’t work with keywords like other search engines, but rather searches for content based on topic and meaning. This means that even if the user does not know the right keywords to enter, they can still find what they are looking for. By periodically crawling content from Confluence, Sharepoint, FAQ pages, and other knowledge bases, AskFrank can make large amounts of data searchable by indexing it into its database. So regardless of the question asked, AskFrank can search for the most appropriate answers using state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms.

AskFrank helps businesses to:

  • Build their own AI chatbots faster and easier by connecting AskFrank to existing internal and external knowledge bases

  • Understand natural language to correctly answer user questions

  • Provide information to chatbots and contact center agents to quickly respond to customers on their preferred channel

  • Respond in over 100 languages​

  • Unify content from multiple sources

  • Allow their chatbots to self-learn from a more comprehensive conversation history

  • Reduce the number of common contact center questions, allowing agents to focus on solving the toughest issues

“In an economy where more and more organizations are relying on chatbots to engage with their customers to reduce operating costs, we find that customers are often frustrated when a chatbot cannot provide them with the right answer. “said Sunny Dhami, Vice President, Product Marketing, Sinch. “Therefore, Sinch created AskFrank to improve the level of accuracy and customer experience in customer communication. Available to Sinch customers using our conversational AI platform, Chatlayer, and our cloud-based contact center solution , Contact Pro, AskFrank improves any chatbot’s ability to better understand natural language, helping agents offer response suggestions so they become more efficient and fewer customers are escalated to second and third line support.

Software & Support Media is an international publishing house specializing in the IT sector. The company’s information and service teams used an early proof-of-concept from AskFrank to improve customer engagement with IT professionals in its core technology markets.

“We had a simple requirement: to offer our users the easiest way to find answers to complex software problems from tens of thousands of technical articles and videos on our web pages and We sat down with the Sinch team, and they delivered with their AI-powered technology, AskFrank. Since using AskFrank, it has certainly been part of our incredible growth story over the past 12 months,” said Dr. Pouya Kamali-Loibl, CEO, Software & Support Media.

“AskFrank can not only respond quickly to customers on any of their favorite channels, but it can also respond in over 100 different languages, even in slang, providing accurate responses by combining content from multiple sources. These features make AskFrank practically a virtual employee managing full conversations with customers, instead of just answering single questions, and becoming a front-line support to help service agents,” said Pieter Buteneers, Director of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Engineering, Sinch.

For more information on AskFrank, see our Blog and where to visit the AskFrank website

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Sinch’s leading cloud communications platform enables businesses to reach everyone on the planet, in seconds or less, via mobile messaging, email, voice and video. More than 150,000 businesses, including many of the world’s largest enterprises and mobile carriers, use Sinch’s advanced technology platform to engage with their customers. Sinch is profitable and growing rapidly since its founding in 2008. It is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and has a local presence in over 60 countries. The shares are traded on NASDAQ Stockholm: XSTO:SINC. Visit us at

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